Editing + Ghostwriting

EDITING: From proofreading manuscripts to editing web content, my priority is to uphold the integrity of your work while offering constructive criticism that will enhance your writing. Utilizing Track Changes, Google Docs, or hand written edits, I correct grammar, organize structure, sharpen vocabulary, delete redundancies, and offer points of clarity for the reader. At project completion, I provide an overview document that summarizes the main points and addresses any additional edits that might need clarification.

GHOSTWRITING: Having written and sold over 20 titles, I know what it takes to bring a book from concept to completion. Whether you are a budding writer or a household name, my goal is to enhance your career and give you the support and tools you need to share your story. Through in-person interviews and extensive research, I will help bring pages to life in a voice that is your own. If you have a work in progress, I can help edit and polish your manuscript, allowing you to finally complete the book you always imagined.

Advice from the Field: How to Overcome Implementation Roadblocks

Property of Saddleback Church, Designed by Historic Agency

Released 2017

Purpose Driven is based on church-to-church multiplying efforts. Pastor Rick Warren invited a group of dedicated pastors, who’ve stood firm on God’s five purposes, to share their own experiences. In the midst of pouring themselves into their ministries, they’ve modeled what it means to be skilled, expert builders, who’ve built their churches on the right foundation. In PDC Advice from the Field, they shared their insight on how they’ve implemented PDC strategies.

(Marlise Kast-Myers served as editor)

Next Gen Ministry Survival Guide, by Martin and Miller

Published by Slingshot Group

Released 2016

Leaders in NextGen ministry face significant and ever-evolving challenges as they empower children, students, and their families to seek Jesus. From brand new ministry leaders to seasoned veterans, they all go through seasons of excitement, burnout, and renewal. Through their experiences as both pastors and ministry coaches, Vance Martin and David A. Miller offer personal insight into the unique world of NextGen ministry. If you are looking for practical next steps in reviving your staff, thriving in ministry, or bettering your own leadership practices, let this eBook move you to the next level.

(Marlise Kast-Myers served as editor on NextGen Survival Guide)

A Guide to Cross Cultural Living, by Steven Caligiuri

Published by St Jerome Press

Released February 2013

Marlise Kast-Myers served as copy editor for A Guide to Cross Cultural Living. Written by Steven Caligiuri.





The Art of Living a Flirtatious Life, by Christine Hart

Published by Your Date Coach, Inc.

Released 2010

What if you could live your life every single day with a carefree heart and a smile on your face? Whether you are single or in a relationship, Christine Hart, Dating Expert & Relationship Coach provides you with the key details to living your life with flirtatious femininity.

(Marlise Kast-Myers served as coauthor on The Art of Living a Flirtatious Life)

Speed Dating Secrets Revealed, by Christine Hart

Published by Your Date Coach, Inc.

Released 2011

Marlise Kast-Myers served as the copy editor for Speed Dating Secrets Revealed. Written by Christine Hart.



A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Dating, by Christine Hart

Published by Your Date Coach, Inc.

Released 2010

Singles need a guide that takes them step-by-step to effectively and efficiently meet someone online without the confusion and mixed messages. My goal is to give you a manual that combines my experience as a date coach with thorough research, guidelines and support pertaining to online dating. In these pages, you’ll find that the recommendations are current, straightforward and relevant.

(Marlise Kast-Myers served as editor on A Step-by-Step Guide to Online Dating)

A Woman’s Guide to Successfully Dating Men, by Christine Hart

Published by Your Date Coach, Inc.

Released 2011

Inside A Woman’s Guide to Successfully Dating Men, you will learn what to do when you first meet a guy, tips on how to approach men, body language tricks, and where to go to meet excellent men. You’ll also learn when to open up about your past, how to flirt, strategies for decoding a man’s behavior and how to finally tackle that first date.

(Marlise Kast-Myers served as coauthor on A Woman’s Guide to Successfully Dating Men)


Jack Broudy

Unleash the Natural Athlete in You, by Jack Broudy

Commissioned by Mansion Grove House

This book covers almost everything from strokes, to the mental game, to fitness. The author takes all of the clichés out of learning and explains things in a way to allow beginners and advanced players to change their games.

(Marlise Kast-Myers served as the ghostwriter on Unleash the Natural Athlete in You by Tennis Coach, Jack Broudy.)