As a journalist and author, Marlise Kast-Myers has contributed to over 50 online and print publications including Forbes, Surfer, San Diego Magazine, and Union Tribune. Her passion for traveling has taken her to 85 countries and led her to establish short-term residency in Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Spain, and Costa Rica.

Before settling in Southern California, Marlise completed a 13 month surfing and snowboarding expedition through 28 countries. Following the release of her memoir, Tabloid Prodigy, Marlise appeared on CNN, FOX News, CNBC, The O’Reilly Factor, NPR, Good Morning America, and Entertainment Tonight.

In her capacity as a travel journalist, Marlise has co-authored over 20 Fodor’s Guides including books on Mexico, San Diego, Panama, Puerto Rico, Peru, Corsica, Sardinia, Vietnam, Los Cabos, and Costa Rica. She served as a photojournalist for Surf Guide to Costa Rica and authored Day Hikes and Overnights on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Now based in San Diego County, she lives at the Betty Crocker Estate with her husband Benjamin where the two run their antique business, Brick n Barn. She is currently working on her next full-length manuscript while providing copywriting and marketing services for various clients.